An early Baby Boomer, in childhood I learned sewing, dressmaking and needlework skills from my mother and grandmothers; and like most Australian girls my age had sewing of some kind through the early part of my schooling.

In the mid 60's, I attended usiversity and studied ancient civilisations with geography and geomoprhology, after which I married a geologist and in the folllowing years found myself living in a variety of  different landscapes.  From the Australian Outback to western USA to the coastal and littoral of Uruguay South America, each different k landscape has influenced my vision and work.  I now see Landscape with changes that come over time as a metaphor for Life.

In the '70's I discovered the potential of 'creative embroidery' and began exploring what these days is termed 'mixed media'.  Combining fabric, thread, paint and found objects, I presented my first solo exhibition "Sunburnt Textures" in 1987, Perth, Australia.

In 1988 in USA I learned traditional patchwork and with cultural influences found myself creating and exhibiting non traditional quilted textile art, commencing with Ancient Expressions 1, (1989) and have been making and exhibiting art quilts ever since.

Underlying most of my abstract designs is that enduring essential characteristic of American patchwork, the repeated unit set in grids.  The freehand cutting and piecing techniques I use mean that even with repetition, no two units are exactly the same. 

recent work often features non-traditional materials, some of them salvaged, and non-traditional techniques, while still retaining the inherent characteristics of a layered quilted textile.  As I  work less with fine fabric and more with things like mock patent leather or mylar backed nylon, it pleases me that these sit comfortably with the frugal, thrifty origins of patchwork and quilt making.