Gallery - The Creative Stitch; pre-1988.

On The Edge of The Golden Mile (1986)


From 1969-75, the nickel boom years, we lived in Kalgoorlie, on the mine leases of The Great Boulder Mine - the staff houses were in among the offices and workshop areas, many of them old gracious Goldfielders homes.  Ours wasn't, but we were in a park-like setting. When we moved away we did not expect to go back - but there were many changes, the town boomed again, this time with the price of gold soaring, and people flocked there yet again, 1981. Open pit mining made recovery of previously worked areas highly profitable and this piece in paint and stitch expresses the awe and fascination with which I viewed the huge pit where our home and many others used to be.  Gold mining continues there and this whole operation hs expanded enormously, being known as the Super Pit.


Collection of the artist.

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On The Edge of The Golden Mile